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We feel your pain! It really bothered us that most doctors require that you schedule an exam before you ever get a chance to have a casual conversation with them. This is why we created our Complimentary Consultation.  It is here where you get to learn about us and we get to learn about you and your condition.  There is no commitment, high pressure sales, or “special offers” to entice you, but we will most certainly sit down and have a one on one conversation before we begin our relationship.  That is our commitment to our prospective patients.

We don’t want you to buy the car before you read the brochure… that doesn’t make sense! We will ask you about your condition, explain to you what we think may be going on, and then inform about our office procedures and how we will address your case.

Our consultation typically takes 15-20 minutes and at that time we can continue on to your examination if you choose, but there is never any obligation attached to our Complimentary Consultation. We always schedule an exam block after our consultations so that you have to the freedom to continue into an exam without the hassle of trying to squeeze an exam into your schedule.

Ok, so you aren’t into the whole one on one consultation thing because you just want to learn about chiropractic. That is perfectly okay!  This is why we also offer a 20-30 minute group presentation at our office that functions as your introduction into the world of Structural Correction Chiropractic.  You will get any and all of your questions answered including questions on care duration, insurance, finances and anything else that your are curious about. If you would like to attend a group presentation to learn about Structural Chiropractic then please call our awesome front desk staff at (425) 636-0303 and let them know that you want to attend our introductory presentation. They will be happy to reserve you a seat. Thank you for taking the time to look through our website! We look forward to meeting you.


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