How do I work with Structural Chiropractic?

We make it easy…

Our practice has been built on referrals from traditional chiropractors and medical doctors in town due to a few simple reasons. Not only are we the only Structural Correction Chiropractor in the Northwest, but we are also very transparent and easy to work with.

Our new patient process:

Step 1:

Schedule a complimentary consultation. We will learn the specifics of your case and whether or not we are the fit for you.

Step 2:

If you feel that you may have a Structural Shift and you would like to further investigate, then we would schedule you for a Structural Correction Examination.

Step 3:

We will schedule a conference where we can review your exam, explain what we found, and explain our recommendations for your care.  After our conference we will proceed to give you your first treatment.  This first treatment is a bonus so that you can have an idea of what your care will look like and so that you can make a more educated decision about your health. We truly want you to know how our treatment feels BEFORE you begin your relationship with our practice.

The following day, the doctor will call you to see how you are doing and to answer any remaining questions that you have regarding your treatment plan, our office, etc. At that time, we will not contact you again or offer you a set of knives to get you to commit to any care.  We respect your time and your decision, whatever that may be. If and when you are ready to start improving your health with our care, we will be here!


Start Today!

If you are ready to feel better, simply give us a call at 425-636-0303 or click below to get started!