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Whiplash: Don’t Crack That Whip!

Whiplash: The Scary Truth.

Many people hear the term “Crack that whip” or “Whip It” and get a certain song in our heads along with the inevitable big smile. If you aren’t familiar with the song by DEVO that was released in the 1980’s, watch the video below. You can thank me later. Just for the record, they are not talking about whiplash.


Whip It!

What many of us forget is the part that states “break your momma’s back”. That is the line that I will focus on in this blog. That line has a lot of significance right now due to our wet roads.

Whiplash… we all hear about it, but what the heck is it?

For simplicity, whiplash is an injury that can occur in your neck during any fast movement of the head. Most whiplashes are caused by car accidents, sports collisions, falls, and any time the head changes directions abruptly (including stopping abruptly). Watch this video to see how even a minor accident can result in major problems, Whiplash slow motion video.

Contrary to popular opinion, whiplash can occur in ANY DIRECTION. While most of the information out there focuses on rear end collisions (just do a google search on whiplash), in reality, any forceful change in direction can also result in LONG TERM neck damage from a whiplash.

Many cases of whiplash do not cause immediate severe pain. In fact, many report “feeling fine” immediately following a car accident. I often ask people that I know may be suffering from a whiplash type injury if they have ever had their structure evaluated. More often than not, I am sad to hear that they didn’t think about it because it “didn’t hurt”. Remember, pain is often the last of the secondary conditions that follow a whiplash. Some other secondary conditions to be aware of are headaches, foggy thoughts, trouble concentrating, loss of enjoyment in hobbies/ activities, depression, anxiety, headaches, irritability, “fussiness” and MANY MANY others. Any change in attitude, feeling of general well being, and/or mood can be a secondary condition of even a minor whiplash. It is NOT uncommon for a whiplash to actually cause residual or a secondary condition of low back pain!

My point in mentioning all of the symptoms above is to impart the importance of ruling OUT any Structural Shifts of the spine before you write of that “minor accident”, fender bender, fall or “bonk” (for the little ones).

Food for thought… in the United States alone there are an estimated 16,000,000 car accidents each year on our roads. How many do you think has one car traveling faster than the slow motion video above? I would venture to say most of them. You can decide for yourself when you realize that all of you can RUN, roll, or ride your bike faster than the speed in the video.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be safe out there and don’t neglect your structure!

If you have been in a recent car accident, then a Complimentary Consultation is a no brainer.

Did you enjoy this post? Feel free to share it with people that you love and care about. As always, we provide COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATIONS to discuss your individual case and determine if we are a good fit to help you improve your heath.

My BIG Idea…

I had a BIG revelation on this past Thursday night and I have to share. I was preparing to end my day and head off to bed. I did the unthinkable and I clicked one of those annoying ads on a site where I was doing research.

I know what you are thinking…”who clicks the ads?”

Well, I do… I am always looking for new and fun things on the web, especially when I am searching for new research and frankly I needed a break from reading mundane scientific studies.

I ended up on a site with many Chinese proverbs and while there were many great ones, ONE proverb instantly grabbed my attention. I am not going to lie, it brought on A LOT of emotion as I read it.

It brought me back to the reason I became a Structural Chiropractor. It brought me back to the day when I was THAT person in the proverb with one dream.

Here it is…

“He who has HEALTH has 1000 dreams, and he who does NOT, has ONE.”

You may be thinking to yourself that this isn’t that important or that it doesn’t apply to you. Well, I hate to break it to you, but… IT DOES.

If you have ever had a health challenge, you know that it consumes your entire life and rightfully so. Even if you have not experienced a health challenge, someone you love or care for dearly has been the person with only one dream.

They would do just about ANYTHING to change it.

Think about the things that person could be doing instead of battle their health. If Einstein or Edison were suffering do you think they would have come up with HALF of the amazing inventions/ discoveries that they did?

That person in your life could possibly be someone to change the world. If only they could FOCUS and not be stuck battling with their health.

As a Structural Chiropractor who absolutely wants to change the health of our community, I had to share this AND offer my assistance. If I keep my mouth shut, someone may suffer… and that is UNACCEPTABLE to me.

HOWEVER, I cannot do it alone. If you have someone in your life who could use help to become a dreamer again, please, please, please let them know that there is hope. Let them know that you want to help.

All I ask is that you reach out to ONE person this month and let them know you care and share my vision with them to create more dreamers.

As you may already be aware, I always offer a Complimentary Consultation to discuss whether I can help that person once again become a dreamer. We can be so caught up in our lives that we can forget what it is like to experience health. Don’t take this lightly as it is my driving passion to help people live up to their full potential.

Please join me so that we can create DREAMERS in our community (the Eastside).

Whether it is a family member, co-worker, and/or friend. We are here to help.
Yours in Health,

Tony Brooks D.C.