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What to EAT for your Brain Health: My Top 3 Foods

There are many different nutrients that protect our brain health, but not all can be created equal.

While my focus on brain health has much to do with the structure of your spine and being free of any underlying structural shifts, we can’t ignore the role nutrition plays in creating a healthy and thriving brain.

Let me just say that I did do some serious searching for articles on brain health and nutrition. All sources are included for your reference.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Yes, this heart saving fatty acid is also excellent for you brain health.

In one study, they actually showed that these healthy fats may help protect the brain after a concussion. Another study showed how these fats improved depression.

Last, but certainly not least, one study showed improved reaction times and memory in HEALTHY ADULTS. I highlighted healthy because most studies are done with disease and symptoms in mind and this one was done on healthy young adults. These are my favorite types of studies!

Obviously, the best source of Omega-3’s is from food, so fatty fish like king mackerel and salmon are an ideal source. However, eating fish daily is impractical and undesirable for almost everyone. Therefore supplementation with a high quality Omega-3 fish oil can help fill the gap.

A high quality fish oil contains a 3/2 ratio of EPA/DHA, contains vitamin E (for freshness). Of course, I will always help you with choosing a quality fish oil.


This is one of the hottest research topics out there. Everyone is trying to crack the code on healthy bacteria. You can find probiotics in many products including Kombucha, yogurt, and many forms of fermented foods.

One of the most exciting things about the science is how gut bacteria can affect almost every other system in the body. I found studies that link gut bacteria to you that number on the scale that I will not mention, blood sugar regulation, and even Parkinson’s. Obviously this important “system” in our body has much more effect than just helping with digestion and bowel movements.

Another exciting field of research is how gut bacteria may be affecting our children. Would you call me crazy if I said, “Your child’s mood is because of their gut bacteria”. Read that study and you many not call me crazy anymore (although my wife says this is a long shot).

Studies are being done to link gut bacteria to depression, anxiety, movement disorders and yes, even autism.

Even with all of the promising research, there are still many questions regarding probiotics. I cannot predict where these studies will ultimately take us, but I have read enough to have every person in my house take probiotics daily, including my 17 month old son who has been supplementing since 6 months of age.



Image courtesy of Steven Jackson. (Flickr CC license)

I bet this one caught you off guard. Even if it is the “it” supplement of the day, it does have some great health qualities. Enough that I put it in my top 3 brain foods. While the research is still mostly on animals, it does give us a lot of insight into what the mechanism of how this supplement is helping.

This extract of turmeric has been shown to alter the process of Alzheimer’s, tumor formation, diabetes, chronic pain, and even DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness after that long lay off from the gym (don’t worry, I know you would never do that).

It is thought that the chemicals in curcumin are able to help eliminate inflammatory molecules in the body called free radicals, thus reducing inflammation.

While this is great news, there is still a lot of research that needs to be done in humans. We also know that cucumin gets mostly destroyed in the stomach and that very little is absorbed into the blood stream. In other words, we don’t know what the best delivery method is quite yet.

However, many people report benefit from a simple curcumin supplement. The risk is very low along with the price and the reward can be very great if you are a chronic pain sufferer that gets some relief.

One way to increase curcumin is to eat more curries and use turmeric in more of your dishes. If you are anything like me, this is not a bad thing to hear.

My BIG Idea…

I had a BIG revelation on this past Thursday night and I have to share. I was preparing to end my day and head off to bed. I did the unthinkable and I clicked one of those annoying ads on a site where I was doing research.

I know what you are thinking…”who clicks the ads?”

Well, I do… I am always looking for new and fun things on the web, especially when I am searching for new research and frankly I needed a break from reading mundane scientific studies.

I ended up on a site with many Chinese proverbs and while there were many great ones, ONE proverb instantly grabbed my attention. I am not going to lie, it brought on A LOT of emotion as I read it.

It brought me back to the reason I became a Structural Chiropractor. It brought me back to the day when I was THAT person in the proverb with one dream.

Here it is…

“He who has HEALTH has 1000 dreams, and he who does NOT, has ONE.”

You may be thinking to yourself that this isn’t that important or that it doesn’t apply to you. Well, I hate to break it to you, but… IT DOES.

If you have ever had a health challenge, you know that it consumes your entire life and rightfully so. Even if you have not experienced a health challenge, someone you love or care for dearly has been the person with only one dream.

They would do just about ANYTHING to change it.

Think about the things that person could be doing instead of battle their health. If Einstein or Edison were suffering do you think they would have come up with HALF of the amazing inventions/ discoveries that they did?

That person in your life could possibly be someone to change the world. If only they could FOCUS and not be stuck battling with their health.

As a Structural Chiropractor who absolutely wants to change the health of our community, I had to share this AND offer my assistance. If I keep my mouth shut, someone may suffer… and that is UNACCEPTABLE to me.

HOWEVER, I cannot do it alone. If you have someone in your life who could use help to become a dreamer again, please, please, please let them know that there is hope. Let them know that you want to help.

All I ask is that you reach out to ONE person this month and let them know you care and share my vision with them to create more dreamers.

As you may already be aware, I always offer a Complimentary Consultation to discuss whether I can help that person once again become a dreamer. We can be so caught up in our lives that we can forget what it is like to experience health. Don’t take this lightly as it is my driving passion to help people live up to their full potential.

Please join me so that we can create DREAMERS in our community (the Eastside).

Whether it is a family member, co-worker, and/or friend. We are here to help.
Yours in Health,

Tony Brooks D.C.