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Welcome to the “virtual” home of Structural Chiropractic! We realize that a majority of our patients are referred to our site so it may not be a surprise that you ended up here, but if you are here for another reason, then we are happy that you have found us! Regardless of how you found us, welcome! You will quickly see that we are very unique and that our website is designed to show you our unique style of practice. We will not try to win your attention with “Special Offers” or a free set of Ginsu knives, but rather we want you to join us as we walk through our focus of Structural Correction and explain what it is that we do in our office.

At the end of the journey you are welcome to schedule a complimentary consultation where you can sit down with the doctor and have a conversation about your unique case. It is then that you can determine if we are the correct fit for you and your family. After all, we are not the correct fit for everyone, so it makes the most sense to discover that BEFORE we begin our relationship. Feel free to check out our video above or if you would rather continue reading, click on “Structural vs. Traditional Chiropractic” below. If you are interested in our upcoming events, click the calendar image below. We look forward to joining you on your journey towards health!

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If you are ready to feel better, simply give us a call at 425-636-0303 or click below to get started!